Monday, October 22, 2012

a missy update.

i figured i should give a small update on my life since most of my posts have been vent sessions.. there isn't much but here is what is going on..

instead of moving back in with my parents, i moved into a one bedroom apartment in the same complex i was in before. i love how much more space it seems to have (i know, odd coming from a girl who just moved from a two bedroom to a one bedroom) and how i've been able to redecorate and have a new space. this also means i was able to keep milo. huge relief.

my beautiful sister in law gave birth to nephew number two on friday night, october 19th at 830 pm. i have yet to see this handsome devil in person but i've gotten a few pictures. mom and baby are both doing well and healthy as can be. this makes me feel so blessed and truly lucky. he is also our first october birthday in the family. welcome little owen. you are so loved and will continue to be loved always.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my goodness your new nephew is so so so darling! What a sweet little face!

And I'm so happy you get to keep Milo, best news ever!

Molly said...

good for you for the 1 bedroom! does that mean you got to keep your little baby/puppy? sure hope so!

Little Missy Me said...

Cute baby!

Rebecca Jo said...

I know you had to be happy to keep Milo!!! Yipee!

Barry said...

I'm SO glad you're able to keep Milo! One of the best things I've heard all week!! :)

Amy K said...

What a cutie! AND good luck to you on your new place.

Much Love