Wednesday, February 8, 2012

she'll know i'm safe with you.

wowza, it's already wednesday? i guess that is what happens when you are home sick for two days and then come into work with a ginormous pile of things to do. yuck. needless to say, today has flown by and i've only gotten a quarter of the things done that i need too. that is how crazy busy i am today. but, i wanted to give you a little update of what has been going on the past few days. enjoy.

- gave mia a bath at twin's house. she did exceptionally well. probably because it wasn't me that was giving her the bath or blow drying her

right after her bath, she looks like a wet rat, poor thing

all clean and smiling :) love her little face

- went to watch the superbowl at one of cute guys friends houses. mia was absolutely loved, as always, and i realized i am very protective over her... don't judge me

she was having about as much fun as i was watching the superbowl (sorry peeps, i'm not a huge football fan) the shirt says i heart shoes, booze and boys with tattoos.. love it

- i started feeling sick on sunday night and it never went away

- read a column that really bothered me, and her apology didn't help all to much with how i felt. i mean she could have at least worded it differently. you can't send out an apology on something you really didn't write about or "mean" to write about. you can read my bloggie soul mates point of view on it here maybe i'll post about my feelings later..

- went and watched my twin's step daughter in her basketball game on monday night. it is actually more entertaining than i thought. it is mad chaos!

go number 15!

- becoming addicted to the voice, and starting to really dislike christina.. i mean who does she really think she is?! ugh..

- my little mia has decided her new favorite place to fall asleep is on your shoulder. just like a parrot. my silly little girl

- cute guy has been giving me crap for becoming a twitter.. i may or may not be addicted already

- finally got around to watching the help.. omg so good

- did laundry last night and mia barked because she was upset she had to sit on the couch and not pounce around the floor with us while we were folding our clothes

- realized i may have a drunkard dog.. she attacks my beer bottle anytime i have one in my hands haha

- watched some ny ink with mia

- i am getting really sick of my hair and can't for the life of me, make up my mind as to what i really want to do with it. ugh..

- have been falling more and more in love with my cute guy and all he is. i am so lucky to be with him and have him love me so much back

so it isn't anything too crazy that has been going on, but it's enough for now. love your faces, happy hump day!


Claire Kiefer said...

I can't believe how teeny Mia is--you can really see it in the picture of her in your hand. Precious! I love the Voice too, although Christina sure has been acting like a beyotch. I loved the guy who was a Mouseketeer with Christina--what an amazing voice! I think he sang Ray Lamontagne? Incredible.

I'm busy and exhausted at work, too . . . I wanna go home and take a nap, but unfortunately the day isn't over!

I read that girl's post on tattoos. I don't have any tattoos, but they certainly don't bother me. My boyfriend has several, my sister has three, even my dad has a huge one on his back. :) Maybe her post would have bothered me more if I had tattoos, but I kind of just shrugged it off . . . just one girl's opinion, you know? Crazy the responses she got!

Barry said...

Mia seems to get cuter with every post I read. I'm not a real fan of big dogs but, damn, I think she's won me over.

As always my insides are turning to mush hearing how happy you are with cute guy. Yeah I'm a sap.

I read the article that girl wrote about ink. Man she stirred up some shit! It's funny, I mentioned tattoos in my post tonight and you were the one I was thinking about as I wrote it.

Oh-oh, another hair crisis? Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

AMY said...

Awwwwww she is so precious...Love your lil pup!
And I'm totally addicted to The Voice too. I LOVE Adam Levine and can't stand Christina!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh, I liked Christina until The Voice and now I can't stand her, her attitude is obnoxious. Adam Levine, however, can come hang out with me any time.

So I'm growing my hair out. Boyfriend asked me to. Ugh, it's going to be so annoying. We'll see, I guess.

I might steal Mia. Just sayin'.

Rebecca Jo said...

Ahhh - love a "shoulder puppy" :) When it storms, my dog tries to get up on my shoulder. Bad part of that? He's 50 lbs!!!

Christina Aguilera bothers me...

Hope you're feeling better...

(You need to check out my blog from Monday... took a picture especially for you) :)

Kimi said...

Thank God the week is half over right!!!! The weekend promises tequila.... Oh Friday how I need you!

So....I have one thing to say about the whole tattoo thing...she is so right! OMG I am sooooo kidding. WTF was that all about. Suggesting I cannot raise my kids with any moral fiber because I have tattoos! I mean are you seriously kidding me. Girl needs to grow a life and learn that judging other people will get her nowhere. She doesn't want a tattoo...fabulous. But DO NOT pretend to know anything about someone just because they do have one.

And there is my rant for the day, lol

Darah said...

Your puppy is toooo cute!!! I just love her! And I agree with you on the superbowl or football in general. I am just not into it. The only thing I like about it, is the hot wings and food choices to eat during the game and some of the commercials. Hope you're feeling even better and you catch up with work!!