Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas 2011.

christmas was a very long drawn out holiday for us. not only did we celebrate it five times, we were both sick.

we opened our christmas presents on friday night since we were heading up to my twins house early the next morning. cute guy loved his gifts and i was so glad. what i got him...

gift card to get a tattoo done
a new pair of very cute jeans
two long sleeve shirts
a jacket
a belt
a gift card to home depot

what he got me..

money for my tattoo [this gift was early since i had my last appointment on the 17th]
a book i've been wanting
friends with benefits, the movie
new boots that i've been trying so hard to find

it was a great first christmas for the two of us, the first of many we hope.

then saturday we went to my twin's house to spend christmas eve with her family. we played games, ate delicious ham and funeral potatoes [if you don't know what those are, then you are missing out. they are delicious and a mormon staple food, like jello and ranch dressing] the next morning was spent watching the kids freak out over what santa had brought them and loving all of their gifts. i think that is the best part of christmas, watching kids open presents.

yes i know i'm a bad influence, she wanted to hold the glass and feel grown up like us so i had to take advantage of it. look how freaking adorable that smile is though. don't you judge me!

after all was cleaned up we headed over to my parents house for brunch and then to open our presents there. in stead of having a big christmas, we decided to have our parents use the money they would have to buy us presents, to put it to a better cause. something we can all be proud of. cute guy fits right in with my family and my nephew just absolutely adores him.

he was so excited over his new shoes.. aren't they darling?!

i have no words for this, just go with it

my parents got cute guy some drawing stuff for christmas. he is quite the artist and was so excited for this. can't wait to see what he starts to draw.

family christmas photo 2011

after my parents, we headed over to cute guys parents house to celebrate once more. this was my first time meeting the family and i was a tad nervous, but families are kinda my thing. i passed the test and feel like we are all going to get along great. his parents got me a book i've been dying to get since it's release date and also a very gorgeous bracelet. it was so sweet and kind of them to do that.

[no pictures from cute guy's family christmas celebration... plus you have already have had a picture over load with this post!]

then today we headed to my parents again to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. we decided not to exchange gifts since it's the same every year. we ate yummy food, had good laughs and was able to catch up.

so after five christmas celebrations i'm very over this holiday and am ready for the new year to start! how was your christmas? did you get everything you wanted? love your faces.


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Yay!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I have to say, I'm glad it's over too. I'm ready to move on, but had such a great time with my family! Loved every minute of it.

Happy New Year!!

Leah said...

you and your family are beyond adorable! great xmas post! and your niece, omg. tooo cute!

Chanse and Janell said...

I tell you this every time I comment, but you and cute guy are ADORABLE!!!
Hope your Christmas was amazing!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love more then anything that the little girl has on a pearl necklace with her PJ's... that's adorable! :)